How Local Rehab Affects Local Residents

  • How Local Rehab Affects Local Residents

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    Why are Residents So Against Rehab Centers?

    Here at Counseling for a Better Life Therapy and Treatment Centers, we are seeing a disturbing trend that is baked in a misunderstanding of the issues, and of the people who develop addictions in their lives. Some communities are entirely resistant to allowing a rehab to open up in their areas. Should a community not support a person’s endeavor to overcome addiction? Drug addiction and alcohol addiction or classified as actual diseases by the American Medical Association. Rather than turning your back to a person, does it not make sense to try to get a person the help that they need to better their life? For free, confidential, and immediate assistance with rehab and addiction, fill out our contact form or call our rehab helpline!

    There are Battles Going on in Multiple Cities and Towns

    Many communities appear to be up in arms over a proposed neighborhood rehab center. Residents of Jeddo in Luzerne County are furiously fighting a proposed rehab center in their neighborhood that would treat people with drug and alcohol addictions. One resident is quoted as saying, “It is not a good thing. We don’t know who these people are and we would live in constant fear.” This is despite the assurances of a developer of the center who says they will be selective about who they take in and will not accept anyone with a history of legal trouble, or anyone who has been ordered by the court system to receive therapy.

    He goes on to say that “These are local people who have problems--we will be very selective in who we take as a client--there is a major need for this facility in the Hazleton area. The need is great in this community and every study out there shows that such centers pose no threat to neighborhoods they are located in." But residents are ignoring the promises and instead continuing to wage their battle against the proposed treatment center.

    Residents of Saginaw, Texas are putting up a similar fight as Med Mart, a rehab center that helps clients with pain medication and narcotic addictions, is trying to build a rehab there. Residents are concerned because the rehab would be based out of a shopping center strip, and is close to a daycare center. Yet, it is entirely statistically likely that these same people know someone that is addicted whether they care to admit it or not.

    Even the high priced rehab clients are taking heat as residents of Malibu say they have had enough of the expensive spa-like rehabs cater to the wealthy and celebrities. They say they are sick of the noise, traffic and safety issues. One resident is quoted as saying, “We are going to take our city back.” What about the economic stimulation to the area? What about actually making the community a place that is as near free from addiction as possible?

    Why the Battles are Shortsighted

    At Counseling for a Better Life Therapy and Treatment Centers, we understand that these treatment centers are the only hope that an addict has to recover from their addiction and get on the road to recovery. And until residents understand that, addicts will have a difficult time finding the rehab center that will best service their needs. Would you rather have crime and addiction run rampant in your area or would you rather be part of a solution to make the community a reduced crime, healthier, addiction free, and better place?

    We Can Help You Find a Safe Treatment Center

    Overcoming addiction can be made a real possibility. There will always be obstacles in the way of the path to recovery. One such obstacle is communities being fearful of allowing a rehab center to operate in their midst. Our specialists are dedicated to providing you and yours with solutions and answers that can help a person to get the right rehab in the right environment that results in the right outcome! We offer our assistance for free even though it so often proves to be completely invaluable!

    Make the most of your rehab options. Do not let close-minded communities contribute to furthering an addicted life full of suffering and despair. By demanding a better life, but enlisting our help, and by taking the right corrective steps, it can be made possible for a person to reclaim their health, integrity, and sobriety. Your next step is to receive free, confidential, and immediate guidance and help by filling out our contact form or by calling our rehabs hotline!

    How Local Rehab Affects Local Residents



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