Drug Addiction in Afghanistan

  • Drug Addiction in Afghanistan

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    Drug addiction knows no bounds and can bring misery and despair to people all over the world. But addiction does not have to dictate a person’s every move. Those that undertake the right corrective actions can be destined to reclaim their rightful health, sanity, and sobriety. Your next action is to receive free, confidential, and immediate assistance by filling out our contact form online or by calling our drug addiction helpline. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 immediately.

    Addicts in the US Have a Lot to Be Grateful For

    Are you an addict who has been struggling with the decision about whether or not get help for your addiction because of the imposition it would put on your life? After all, you may have to check yourself into rehab, or at the very least attend counseling sessions to get past your addiction. If you’ve been putting off getting the help you need, it may help you put things into perspective when you hear about how heroin and opium addicts in Afghanistan have to deal with their addictions.

    The Drug Problem in Afghanistan

    The United States recently conducted a survey in Afghanistan to determine the extent of the drug problem there. The study found that 11 percent of Afghans use drugs. Ten thousand Afghans were included in the study, including those in rural areas. Thirty-nine percent of those living in the rural areas tested positively for drugs. Eleven percent of the children in the rural areas tested positive for drugs, although researchers believe some of that may be due to second-hand smoke or from residue that is on rugs and pillows in their homes.

    The Lack of Help for Afghan Drug Addicts

    Treatment for drug addictions is extremely difficult to find in Afghanistan, and addicts are resorting to unconventional treatments that many here would find deplorable. For example, three years ago noe citizen named Hamidullah Bawari opened a drug recovery clinic for men in his home after attending a four day course with the Ministry of Counter Narcotics. He decided to open to the clinic after watching addicts dig through trash trying to find something they could sell in order to get their next fix. He says that he asked himself what he would do if he were in their place. After all, they have a family, too. So he now welcomes addicts into his home, which holds up to 40 patients, but is rarely filled with more than 20 because the $100 fee is simply too much for most families.

    But within the first 72 hours of arriving, the addicts’ heads are shaved and shackles are put on their feet. One addict is quoted as saying that if it weren’t for the shackles, they would escape right away and go back to using drugs. The addicts are expected to quit cold turkey and given no treatment other than pain killers that Bawari buys at his local bazaar.

    Women are Left Out in the Cold

    The study shows that both and women are struggling with drug addictions in Afghan, but the majority of treatment centers, including Bawari’s, are for men only. An exception was a clinic run by Save the Children in Tarin Kot. It catered to both men and women, and the services were provided for free. They treated over 500 patients in two years, and then allowed the health district of Uruzgan to take over the program. But the clinic was eventually closed because the district didn’t have enough money to continue its operations. That leaves Afghan women out in the cold when it comes to overcoming their addiction to drugs.

    The Government’s Inability to Keep Up

    Although the drug addiction problem is growing in Afghan, the government cannot keep up. In fact, Tawab Saljui, who is a spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health, claims that the government has helped the problem with the amount of limited resources they have to work with. “But the pool of addicted is increasing, and the resources are decreasing,” he is quoted as saying. Indeed, the government is struggling to keep up with the demand. Over the past ten years, international donors have helped open about 100 treatment centers, which allowed 30,000 addicts to seek help, but the problem continues to grow and get worse.

    Are You Ready to Get Real Help for Your Drug Addiction?

    Luckily, if you live in the U.S., you don’t have to worry about being put in shackles or not having access to a competent drug treatment center. At Sober Gateway Therapy and Treatment Center, we can help you find a qualified treatment or counseling center in your area. We understand how overwhelming it can be to find the right treatment center when you’re in the midst of an addiction, but we are here to help. Your personal information is confidential and our help is offered for free!

    Do not let the misery and suffering of addiction overtake another life. In the United States, there are plenty of effective avenues available for one to get help. It is time to enlist our support and to take the steps that can result in a better, healthier, safe, and sober life. Your next step is to receive free and immediate guidance and help by filling out our online contact form or by calling our drug addiction hotline.

    Drug Addiction in Afghanistan



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